Date /Time
Saturday June 23, 2018 10:09 am ET
Join in the Fun
September 27th-29th, 2018
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The Game
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The Spades Connection
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Guidelines and Rules
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2:00 P.M.Registration Opens
4:00 P.M.Registration Closes
7:00 P.M.Registration Continues
7:15 P.M.Welcome, Rules, Announcements
7:30 P.M.Tournaments Begin (Only one tournament will be played Thursday night.)
9:30 P.M. to
9:00 A.M.Tournaments Begin
12:00 pm to 1:00pm Room is closed, Arby's Lunch provided.
******** Dinner on your own.
11:30 P.M.Last Call Tournament (Time is Subject to Change)
9:00 A.M.Tournaments Begin
No Break for Lunch (Lunch on your own.)
5:30 P.M.Break for Dinner
6:30 P.M.Dinner will be served
8:15 P.M.Tournament of Champions
The time is subject to change. The tournament will begin � hour after dinner. The start time will be announced when dinner is over. Your team will be disqualified if you are not in the room when the tournament starts. (NO EXCEPTIONS) If there are 5 rounds of play (32 team bracket) all rounds will be played Saturday night.
Rounds will be timed and limited to one hour. Finals will have no time limit.
Teams will be placed in brackets for TOC randomly.

If there are 6 or more rounds of play (64 team bracket) finals and possibly semi-finals will be played on Sunday morning depending on the total rounds of play.
9:00 A.M.**Tournament of Champions Continuation (THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. WE HAVEN�T PLAYED ON SUNDAY IN A LONG TIME.) The following rule applies if Sunday continuation is necessary. Players qualified who are not in the room by 9:00 A.M. will be DISQUALIFIED from the Tournament of Champions. NO EXCEPTION
Note** (We rarely play anymore on Sunday, but if needed,) Plan on leaving the hotel about 2:00 PM if you plan on playing or watching TOC on Sunday.
Note*** Please note that the schedule is subject to change based on the number of registrants and other conditions which cannot be forecast.

September 2017 Tournament

Winners: Icon_Will and Deputy_Dog

Runner-ups : JCree and HiggyBop

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